Relative Life Experience

I found this really thought provoking article the other day. I’m normally not a big fan of “10 Things…”  articles, but it contains 1 or 2 points that made me think. The last one is perhaps the best:

“Several years ago when I asked my grandmother about overcoming pain, this is how she explained it to me:  Look at the circles below.  The black circles represent our relative life experiences.  Mine is larger because I am older and have experienced more in my lifetime.  The smaller red circles represent a negative event in our lives.  Assume we both experienced the same exact event, whatever the nature.  Notice that the negative event circles are the same size for each of us; but also notice what percentage of the area they occupy in each of the black circles.  Your negative event seems much larger to you because it is a greater percentage of your total life experiences.  I am not diminishing the importance of this event; I simply have a different perspective on it.  What you need to understand is that an overwhelmingly painful event in your life right now will one day be part of your much larger past and not nearly as significant as it seems.”

So, ultimately, I think, what this point says is that whatever bad experience you currently have, will look a lot different in a few years time as you gain more experience.

I agree.

It kind of gives me a sense of peace that somewhere out there there is a different perspective on what I’m going through right now. It’s out there.

However I dont think that I necessarily always need to wait until I have more experience before my current perspective on the event will change? [Sometimes we do need to, but I'll post on that next time...]

New perspectives are also locked up in people who have already been there where I am right now. They have the wisdom & new perspectives I need, to get through my “bad” event. New perspectives on bad events is therefore not necessarily 10 years away or until I have acquired the desired experience.  New perspectives can be one wise man away.

And that’s why I strongly believe in accountability! Life is too short to go through all the same experiences other people have already gone through in order for them to get through tough stuff.

So, here is my version of the graphic above…

So, how many wise men have you surrounded yourself with? In them is locked up the wisdom you need to gain a new perspective on whatever circumstance you find yourself in. Both today and tomorrow…